Sardines natural 3-4 per pkt

Sardines are an excellent pike bait and one of our best sellers. They are very effective due to their high oil content. They leak a very strong scent and like the Bluey's they have a reputation for achieving good results. The Sardine is a very cheap bait to buy and they are good for Piking for many reasons. One of them being that once the fish has been attatched to the trebles and begun to thaw in the water, when the pike strikes, the flesh becomes fairly soft, thus allowing the trebles to tear through the sardines when a Pike strikes, and this allows the trebles to catch the pike and 9/10 times the Pike is landed without being lost. We also sell red and gold sardines which prove to be excellent baits especially in the deeper waters. Well worth a try.

Sardines natural 3-4 per pkt

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The gold Sardines are great in the deeper murky waters as they are very bright and attract attent..
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