Mussel Meats (approx 15 per pack)

Mussels are a very good bait when fishing from deep water shorelines, they are used mainly for Cod and Codling. From sandy and muddy shorelines they are used for flat fish.. They are a very smelly bait and a vibrant orange colour. Mussels are another natural food source to many fish and are often ignored when considering which baits to buy. It is not the easiest of baits to keep on the hook but with elastic binding and careful presentation it can be very effective. In certain parts within the UK there is another type of mussel which people are not familiar with. It is called a Horse Mussel. It is very similar to a shore mussel however; it is much greater in size. The average shore mussel grows to approximately 5-6 cm in length; however, the Horse Mussel can grow up to a massive 6 inches in length. It is very rare to find a bed of these mussels and they are a deadly bait. When you eventually manage to open a shell you can see the huge bright red/orange mussel inside. They are covered in a thick slime and really do leak a lot of juices. They are in a class of their own and a novelty to many anglers. Well worth a try.

Mussel Meats (approx 15 per pack)

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