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All livebaits are dug by professional diggers to order so we can offer you the freshest worms available. We hold a limited amount over each day to cover those last minute orders but in general its best to give us atleast 24 hours notice. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT USE FARMED OR DREDGED WORMS ONLY HAND DUG. BEWARE THERE IS FARMED DUTCH RUBBISH BEING SOLD AS WILD RAGWORM AT PRESENT WHICH FALLS FOUL OF TRADE DESCRIPTIONS AND THEREFORE ENTITLES THE CUSTOMERS OF THOSE SUPPLIERS TO THEIR MONEY BACK.

Model: ragworm
Ragworm is a very popular bait throughout the summer months. It is a very attractive bait and is most productive when fishing in clearer waters. It is normally red/ green in colour. Our Ragworm is sent in a special sea peat which is collected locally. This sea peat allows the worms to survive in it ..
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