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Mackerel Joeys (3 per pk)

Mackerel Joeys (3 per pk)
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Mackerel Joeys (3 per pk)
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Like the Herring, Mackerel is a bait which can be used to catch many different species of fish. The mackerel is a fish which is very vibrant in colour and has a rich oily flesh.. We pack them in a variety of sizes catering for both the pike and sea anglers alike. Used for tails, fillets, small strips and even whole or flappers, they really are a versatile bait. We source all of our larger Mackerel from the South West because they are line caught fish which are not heavily handled when landed, they remain fresh and firm, which in turn provides us with a much better quality fish. They are all vacuum packed from fresh and blast frozen. Many Mackerel which are trawled have been pushed to the back of the net and the pressure which they are put under really has an effect on their quality. They are not nearly as good as the line caught fish. Our mini mackerel are sourced from Southern Europe. We have to buy from there due to the size regulations within the UK. They are one of our bestsellers in the Pike season and are a popular bait with proven results. Size approx 8-10 inch.

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