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BLUEY'S (pacific saury)

Blueys have become as popular if not more so than mackerel over the last few years. The name bluey was developed for the fishing bait market, for the asian food market they are saury or pacific saury to be exact. At first people thought it was just a gimic but their potential as a bait soon became apparent when anglers started to use them and gained trust in their ability to catch fish whether it was a pike or a bass or ray. Saury are very high in oil and have a destinctive scent of their own so well worth a try.

Model: blueys (Pacific Saury) large
NEW SEASON STOCK Available from 15/5/24 This is a packet of large Bluey's. There are 3 per packet. Their correct name is Pacific Saury. They are known as Bluey's due to obvious reasons. They are bluey/silver, and have a likeness to a Mackerel but are much more oily. They have a reputation for p..
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Bluey Mini 4-5 ppk
New Out Of Stock
Model: mini bluey 4-5ppk
***NEW IN FOR THIS COMING PIKE SEASON***   Small Bluey's packed in packets of 4-5 ppk, an excellent bait for pike fishing also, great for fishing whole like you would  a sandeel for Bass...
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