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Herring Heads 1 Kg
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Model: herring heads
This is a 1Kg bag of Herring heads. Ideal for using as groundbait for deep sea fishing for Conger Eels. The heads are very bloody as you can imagine and give off a very very strong scent...
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Herring Large
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Model: herring
Herring is a bait which can be used across the board. It can be used for both Pike and Sea fishing. It is a very popular bait for this reason. We have become renowned for our top quality Herring here at Online Baits UK, due to the fact that we ensure that our herring are collected from the fishing b..
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Model: herring
Herring tails are an excellent Pike bait. All of our Herring are locally caught and are blast frozen within hours of being landed. The Herring are very oily and have a strong scent which proves well when fishing in murky rivers.packed 3-4 per pack...
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Model: Herring
Blast frozen Herring presented in a 3kilo box and lid produced within a few hours of capture...
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