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We stock a large range of blast frozen baits for the sea angler from the most common and widely used through to more specialist baits. We also have some exclusive products such as oiled blacklug which have grown hugely in popularity and need no looking after so you will always have good bait in your box.

Bluey Mini 4-5 ppk
New Out Of Stock
Model: mini bluey 4-5ppk
***NEW IN FOR THIS COMING PIKE SEASON***   Small Bluey's packed in packets of 4-5 ppk, an excellent bait for pike fishing also, great for fishing whole like you would  a sandeel for Bass...
Ex Tax:£2.20
Cart Bait 1/4 kg
New Out Of Stock
Model: cart bait
1/4 kilo cart great bait for the coming cod season...
Ex Tax:£8.00
Cart Wings (3-4 per pk) salted
New Out Of Stock
Model: Cartbait
3-4 salted  cart wings per pack can be used the same way as peeler crab and whipped directly to the hook but work much better put in a mesh or stocking first making them last longer in the water. They can then be cut in half if need be or you can put them inside a squid tube or cuttlefish to in..
Ex Tax:£5.50
Cock clams
New Out Of Stock
Model: clams
 LargeClams (cock clams) a very under rated bait used mainly in the north for cod and very effective for flatfish in the south...
Ex Tax:£1.80
New Out Of Stock
Model: Cocklemeats
***NEW IN*** Cockle meat approximately 20 - 30 meats per packet..
Ex Tax:£1.75
Model: cuttlefishbulkoffer
**BULK OFFER** 40 pkts Cuttlefish medium 2 -4 per packet exelent value with carriage paid...
Ex Tax:£100.00
Model: cuttlefish med
Cuttlefish are a surprisingly under-rated bait. They are a member of the Octopus and squid family and are a natural food source for fish such as Cod and Conger Eel. The larger Cuttles are ideal for deep sea fishing from boats due to their strong smell and toughness. We also sell a baby cuttl..
Ex Tax:£2.70
Model: smlcuttlefishapx2kg
Bargain!!  approx 2kg of small to medium Cuttlefish...
Ex Tax:£14.00
Model: Herring
Blast frozen Herring presented in a 3kilo box and lid produced within a few hours of capture...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Launce snake medium 5-6ppk
New Out Of Stock
Model: Launce medium snake
Medium snake Launce 5-6 per pack  longer than large sandeel great bait for rays and bass...
Ex Tax:£3.80
Oil Mackerel extract
New Out Of Stock
Model: mackerelextractoil
**New** exclusive to Online Baits UK  Mackerel extract oil made from extracts of mackerel including the blood which helps to create a cloud and a strong scent in the water...
Ex Tax:£3.60
Model: sandeel 1kilo
1 kilo blast frozen sandeels for long session or loose feed..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Model: Sprat
3 kilo box of sprat frozen within hours of capture...
Ex Tax:£8.50
Squid 9.6kg (approx) unwashed loligo boxed
New Out Of Stock
Model: unwashed squid 9.6kg
**NEW STOCK** Unwashed Loligo Squid  The new squid everyone is talking about.  Size varies from 5 to 7 inches...
Ex Tax:£70.00
Squid Indian baby 1lb
New Out Of Stock
Model: Squid indian baby
!lb box of baby squid great for tipping off or a small whole bait..
Ex Tax:£2.90
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