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Sea Baits

Sea Baits

We stock a large range of blast frozen baits for the sea angler from the most common and widely used through to more specialist baits. We also have some exclusive products such as oiled blacklug which have grown hugely in popularity and need no looking after so you will always have good bait in your box.

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Beach Pack

The Beach Pack is a new product which is a selection of various baits ideal to take for a trip to..

£17.00 Ex Tax: £17.00

Blacklug Frozen 6-8" medium (10 per pk)

This is a packet of frozen Blacklug that are approx 6-8 inches long sometimes bigger. They are ro..

£4.56 Ex Tax: £4.56

Bluey 2 per packet

This is a packet of Bluey's. There are 2 per packet. Their correct name is Pacific Saury. Th..

£2.20 Ex Tax: £2.20

Cart Bait 1 Kg

This product is likened to the giant horse mussel meat we used to supply, but can't now get. This..

£28.40 Ex Tax: £28.40

Cart Bait 1/2 Kg

This is a NEW 1/2Kg slab of cart bait, ideal for anglers who may want to use it in other ways suc..

£14.20 Ex Tax: £14.20

Cart Bait 1/2 Kg

This is a NEW 1/2Kg slab of 100% cart bait, ideal for anglers who may want to use it in other way..

£14.20 Ex Tax: £14.20

Crab Legs Softback 150g

This is a 150g packet of softback crabs legs and claws. They are ideal for tipping off and are re..

£1.50 Ex Tax: £1.50

Crabs English peeler frozen

These are blast frozen english peelers frozen in the shell at -40 as the shell is lifting making ..

£4.85 Ex Tax: £4.85

Crabs Foreign Frozen Peeled Peeler (3-4 per pk) large

fully prepared foreign peeler crab very good size and will easily make 2 baits from each crab.These ..

£5.50 Ex Tax: £5.50

Crabs Hermit (6-8 per pk)

Hermit crabs are becoming more widely used not only as a replacement for peelers when out of stoc..

£2.70 Ex Tax: £2.70

Crabs Live English peeler 50

 50 Good Size Male Peeler Crabs ..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

Cuttlefish Medium (2 - 4 per pk)

Cuttlefish are a surprisingly under-rated bait. They are a member of the Octopus and squid family..

£2.60 Ex Tax: £2.60

Herring Heads 1 Kg

This is a 1Kg bag of Herring heads. Ideal for using as groundbait for deep sea fishing for Conger..

£2.40 Ex Tax: £2.40

Herring Large

Herring is a bait which can be used across the board. It can be used for both Pike and Sea fishin..

£1.40 Ex Tax: £1.40

Herring Tails 3-4 per pkt

Herring tails are an excellent Pike bait. All of our Herring are locally caught and are blast fro..

£1.40 Ex Tax: £1.40