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We obtain the freshest blast frozen dead baits, ensuring that all fish are vacuum packed and blast frozen, as close to them being landed as possible.


As experienced anglers ourselves, we are aware of the great importance regarding the freshness of the bait, and pride ourselves on our overall service.

Roach 1lb bulk New
25+ of small roach approx size 2 to 3 inch body length and 1lb in weight, perfect little session pac..
text_tax £4.00

Perch micro 15+ New
15 - 20 small perch 2 to 3 inches approx..
text_tax £2.50

Roach medium (3-4 per packet 5-6”approx) New
Medium size roach 3-4 per pack approx 5-6 inch in length blast frozen from fresh..
text_tax £2.50

Cuttlefish Medium 2-4 per pack New
Cuttlefish are a surprisingly under-rated bait. They are a member of the Octopus and squid family ..
text_tax £2.60

Sprat 3kilo New
3 kilo box of sprat frozen within hours of capture...
text_tax £8.50

Herring 3kilo box New
Blast frozen Herring presented in a 3kilo box and lid produced within a few hours of capture...
text_tax £10.00

Bream small (5-6)ppk New
5-6 small bream per packet..
text_tax £2.00

Perch small (4-6) ppk New
4-6 small perch per pack..
text_tax £2.00

Eel Heads 500g approx New
500g Of eel heads extremely rich in blood and smell can be used as hookbait or loosefeed depending o..
text_tax £2.50

Eel Heads 1kg New
1 KILO  Bag of Eel Heads rich in dark red blood can be used for pike, catfish, tope etc, either..
text_tax £4.00

This is a packet of frozen Blacklug that are approx 6-8 inches long sometimes bigger. They are ro..
text_tax £5.20

New to our Squid product range is a 450gms (apx)  of Loligo Unwashed Squid. Due to high dema..
text_tax £3.75

This is a packet of large Bluey's. There are 3 per packet. Their correct name is Pacific Sau..
text_tax £3.20

Blacklug continue to be one of the best worms to use when fishing. They are unbelievable when it ..
text_tax £6.50

Razorfish are a very under-rated bait. They are not widely used along some shorelines, which is a..
text_tax £2.50

Like the Herring, Mackerel is a bait which can be used to catch many different species of fish. T..
text_tax £2.80

Squid is a bait which is most widely used. It is ideal for deep water fishing and also for tippin..
text_tax £4.60

Like the Herring, Mackerel is a bait which can be used to catch many different species of fish. T..
text_tax £2.70

fully prepared foreign peeler crab very good size and will easily make 2 baits from each crab.These ..
text_tax £5.65

***NEW IN FOR THIS COMING PIKE SEASON*** Small Bluey's packed in packets of 4-5 pp..
text_tax £2.20