Lamprey Eels

Lamprey Eels

Lamprey eels are probably one of the more difficult pike baits to obtain. Although very common in some areas they have become sought after as a food even a delicasy in some countries therefore pushing the price up beyond the bait markets affordability. The main attraction of using lamprey as bait is the amount of blood it holds in its body as this is basicaly what it lives on by attatching its self to other fish and sucking the blood from them. When the angler cuts it in half or punctures the eel with hooks the blood and scent is released into the water around the area the hook bait is placed creating a larger scent in that area, very effective in coloured water.

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Lamprey Sections New

Lamprey Sections

Lamprey Sections 4 pieces per pack 2 heads and 2 tail sections...

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Lamprey whole New

Lamprey whole

3 whole lamprey per pack blast frozen with all the blood contained within the fish, one of the most ..

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