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Beach Pack

The Beach Pack is a new product which is a selection of various baits ideal to take for a trip to..

£15.50 Ex Tax: £15.50

Cart Bait 1/2 Kg

This is a NEW 1/2Kg slab of 100% cart bait, ideal for anglers who may want to use it in other way..

£14.20 Ex Tax: £14.20

Cart Bait Edible Crab 'Bait Bangers'

This is our latest product added to our ever increasing range. They are a new and very productive..

£3.60 Ex Tax: £3.60

Crab Legs Softback 150g

This is a 150g packet of softback crabs legs and claws. They are ideal for tipping off and are re..

£1.50 Ex Tax: £1.50

Crabs English peeler frozen

These are blast frozen english peelers frozen in the shell at -40 as the shell is lifting making ..

£4.85 Ex Tax: £4.85

Crabs Foreign Frozen Peeled Peeler (3-4 per pk) large

fully prepared foreign peeler crab very good size and will easily make 2 baits from each crab.These ..

£4.80 Ex Tax: £4.80

Crabs Hermit (6-8 per pk)

Hermit crabs are becoming more widely used not only as a replacement for peelers when out of stoc..

£2.70 Ex Tax: £2.70

Crabs Live English peeler 50

 50 Good Size Male Peeler Crabs ..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

Cuttlefish Medium (2 - 4 per pk)

Cuttlefish are a surprisingly under-rated bait. They are a member of the Octopus and squid family..

£2.60 Ex Tax: £2.60

Mackerel 1's Large

Like the Herring, Mackerel is a bait which can be used to catch many different species of fish. T..

£1.15 Ex Tax: £1.15

Mussel Meats (approx 15 per pack)

Mussels are a very good bait when fishing from deep water shorelines, they are used mainly for Co..

£1.85 Ex Tax: £1.85

Oil Peeler Crab Extract

Due to the popularity of our Blacklug Extract Oil, we have developed a new Peeler Crab extract oi..

£3.60 Ex Tax: £3.60

Oiled fresh Blacks 6-8" (10 per pk)

This product is becoming by far one of our top sellers, it consists of 10 fresh Blacklug that are..

£4.30 Ex Tax: £4.30

Ragworm Live 1/2 Kg

Ragworm is a very popular bait throughout the summer months. It is a very attractive bait and is ..

£14.50 Ex Tax: £14.50

SeaScent Feeders - large 185mm (7.5")

SeaScent feeders Based on the highly effective coarse fishing swim feeder, the SeaScenter is a fe..

£2.85 Ex Tax: £2.85