Razorfish in the shell (5-7 per pk)

Razorfish are a very under-rated bait. They are not widely used along some shorelines, which is a shame because they can be very effective if fished correctly. Some people fail to realise that razorfish is a natural food source for many fish along many coastlines, so it stands to reason that if you fish on a beach where razorfish are present at the low water line, then they will stand a good chance of catching a fish. They are ideal for catching dogfish and flatties amongst other species and they have a very strong scent to them when opened. The meats can be used for tipping off as they are a fairly tough and stay on the hook well. The secent is very hard to remove from your hands once you have handled them so you can imagine the scent which is present in the water. They are collected on large tides from the low water line and then vacuum packed and blast frozen. They are an excellent addition to take with you for any shore fishing venue.

Razorfish in the shell (5-7 per pk)

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