Launce (5-10 per pk) medium

The Launce is a very sought after bait and can be very hard to come by. They are not the easiest fish to catch in number but have become a popular choice with the Bass and Pike anglers alike. Launce are the largest member of the Sandeel family and have been seen to grow up to 16 inches in length. They are a lovely yellow/white colour and can be very eye-catching under the water. They resemble a small eel and fish well for Pike when fishing in deeper waters, due to their light colours. Our Launce are caught from the South West of England where they are found in larger numbers. They are all vacuum packed and blast frozen as quickly as possible after being landed because, like the sandeels, they do not last very long out of water before their bellies begin to soften. They are becoming a more popular bait over recent years with some very large pike being landed on them.

Launce (5-10 per pk) medium

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