Cart Bait Edible Crab 'Bait Bangers'

This is our latest product added to our ever increasing range. They are a new and very productive bait which have produced some fantastic bags of Cod recently. The bait is made using 'edible crab' cart meat. The crabs are killed and the insides are taken out and then put into a cologen sausage skin which is similar to peeler crab skin. The best way to fish this fantastic bait, is to cut it into lengths then bound on with elastic. It is best baited frozen and can be fished on its own or with a cocktail mixture of Lugworm and mussels for example, as these have already produced results. Edible crab cart has been a bait used by anglers for many years and has become one of our best sellers so due to popular demand we have increased supply and hope to let you all see for yourselves just how good it is. The product is blast frozen into lengths, whereby there are approximately 3 baits per stick, we then vacuum pack 2 sticks to a pack to ensure their freshness is well contained. The baits can be cut into whatever lengths you wish to create. *** Please note that during the summer months these cart sticks don't travel very well and therefore defrost on route, they can be re-frozen without it having any impact on the bait but once thawed they no longer remain in stick form. We recommend buying the 1/2Kg tub of meat and making your own during warmer months.****

If you choose to order these on there own then they travel at your own risk!

Cart Bait Edible Crab 'Bait Bangers'

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