Cart Bait 1/2 Kg

This is a NEW 1/2Kg slab of cart bait, ideal for anglers who may want to use it in other ways such as stuffing inside squid bodies or making your own mesh bags etc. This is our latest product added to our ever increasing range. They are a new and very productive bait which have produced some fantastic bags of Cod recently. The bait is made using 'edible crab' cart meat. Edible crab has been a bait used by many anglers for many years but it is very difficult to create a suitable rig and bait to utilise their fantastic scent until now, it has become one of our best sellers and due to popular demand we have increased supply and hope to let you all see for yourselves just how good it is. Unlike the sticks, the tub travels much better.

Cart Bait 1/2 Kg

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